Profile AL 19 LUCA

LUCA AL 19 profile is used for creating thin light or acoustic frames, can be used with Armstrong ceiling panels. The frames AL 19-LUCA can be used with Armstrong ceiling panels. And the frames can also be mounted on the ceiling to hang – in that case a cable fastening will be screwed to the frames outer side. It is also possible to create thin light or acoustic panels. For better sound absorption qualities we recommend using 50 mm thick sound absorption sheets. Maximum square module size is 60×60 cm, diameter for round panels for non-anodized profiles is maximum 1,59 m. Diameter for anodized round profile can be up to 200 cm. Standard profile length 2,5 m, special order only for anodized AL19 is 5 m long profile.

This profile is available in an anodized variant. There are also versions such as CUT horizontal and CUT vertical, AL 19  BEND H/AL 19 A  BEND H- bended in the factory profile for easy adaptation on site to rounded and vaulted shape horizontally. All versions of profile AL 19 are available for viewing in the datasheet and price list.

Dimensions –49×11 mm, Length in stock 2,5 m, color aluminum, Price in Euro | per 1 rm

NB! Used with: MINI harpoon, Sound Absorption Sheet, ceiling attachments and frame holders.