Backlight Ceiling

Backlit Stretch Ceilings: Illuminating Your Space with Style

Illuminate your space with sophistication using our backlit stretch ceilings. Designed with translucent stretch material and premium LED strips, these ceilings serve as a versatile lighting solution, creating ambiance and style in any room.

Endless Design Possibilities

With our backlit stretch ceilings, the design potential is limitless. From illuminating the entire ceiling to creating distinct zones with varying LED effects, transform your space into a work of art with our customizable lighting solutions.

Practical Elegance

Experience the perfect blend of practicality and elegance with our VECTA LIGHT Solutions. Whether installed on walls or ceilings, these original light profiles add a touch of style to your interior while providing functional lighting that enhances your living environment.

Vibrant Color Options

Take your lighting to the next level with our RGB LED technology. Explore a spectrum of colors and create playful, dynamic atmospheres that go beyond traditional white lighting. Combine RGB LED with our printed stretch ceilings for endless possibilities in interior design.

Personalized Backlit Designs

Elevate your space with our printed backlit stretch ceilings. With customizable printing options, you can add personalized graphics, patterns, or imagery to your ceiling, creating a unique and visually stunning focal point in any room. Additionally, you can apply printed designs to your walls, allowing for any artwork or design to enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

Backlit Acoustic Ceiling

Introducing our Backlit Acoustic Ceiling solution: a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. With our innovative approach, you can create a backlit acoustic ceiling, combining stunning illumination with exceptional sound control. Crafted with premium materials and customizable LED lighting options, our solution transforms any space into a visually captivating and acoustically optimized environment.

Showcase Backlit Innovations

Enhance your showroom or presentation with our backlit stretch ceiling sample box. This illuminated display showcases the versatility and quality of our materials, ideal for dealers, architectural partners, and construction companies to demonstrate the possibilities of our LEDs and fabrics to clients.

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