AL 23 Combi Light – Aluminum anodized ceiling and wall profile for plasterboard and stretch ceilings 40×91.

AL 23 COMBI LIGHT  Anodized was developed to enable integration of the KEY LIGHT system into gypsum board ceilings. In addition, the COMBI LIGHT profile is multifunctional, as it can be used to combine gypsum board and stretch ceiling material in one room. For all installations, the COMBI LIGHT system enables the creation of interior design accents with continuous light lines from the 30mm wide LED strips. Alternative LED strips are available to provide cold or neutral light (LR-39 or LR-40) and the installation is completed by the VEC-4 diffuser. Standard profile length 2,5m, special order 5m long profile. When used with gypsum board, then the gypsum board should be 12mm or 12,5mm thick, then you can hide screws with gypsum putty and add paint coating on the gypsum surface. Using the profile as a ceiling divisor: Ceilings have to be ordered simultaneously, as there can be tone difference of various film lots. If there will be a time gap between the orders production might use another roll for the order. Multiple ceilings in the same room must be ordered together.

Using CAP-2 with AL23 profile:
When making a ceiling drawing with AL23 + CAP-2 in the middle of the ceiling, please take notice that the AL23+CAP-2 must be 4cm shorter on the drawing then the actual profile with CAP-2. Otherwise you will have too much harpoon on the actual ceiling. For example the AL23+CAP-2 is 340cm, then on the drawing it should be written 236 cm.
Before installing the ceiling the CAP-2 must be fastened to the profile with a screw. With the CAP-2 the ceiling installation always starts at CAP-2.

Dimensions –90×40 mm, Length in stock 2.5- 5 m, Price in Euro | per 1 rm. This profile is available in an anodized variant. There are also versions such as AL 23 A COMBI LIGHT BEND V UP – bended in the factory profile for easy adaptation on site to rounded and vaulted shape vertically up and AL 23 A COMBI LIGHT BEND V DOWN – bended in the factory profile for easy adaptation on site to rounded and vaulted shape vertically down.

NB!  Used with: profile connectors LC 07, corner connector LC 01, LED LR 39, LR 40, diffusor VEC 4, CAP23 endings, external fastening – Vecta Support System