Profile AL 41 EASY LIGHT Second Generation NEW

AL 41 is a new upgraded profile for Easy Light System with same functionality as AL 35 Easy LIGHT but has its own unique features. The profile is thinner and has its own Luminaries line with 48V As well as AL 35 the new AL 41 profile enables to relocate lamps as often as needed, can be installed in the ceiling or to the walls and works both with a stretch ceiling material or gypsum.

Dimensions –88 x 54 mm, Length in stock 2.5-5 m, black anodized RAL 9005, Price in Euro | per 1 rm.

NB! Used with: MINI harpoon, external fastening Vecta Support System. Corner connection LC 10, profile elongation with LC 08. Price includes electrically conductive contact and magnetic strips.

If you need assembly and installation diagrams for the profile, all its components and additional Easy Light 41 LED price list please contact our regional manager.