VECTA KEY LIGHT system enables the creation of modern interior designs by using light accents. High quality stretch or gypsum board ceilings featuring fully integrated LED lighting will provide a unique and stylish appearance. Continuous light lines can be achieved with this 30mm wide integrated LED lighting. With specially developed diffusors two levels of illumination are possible, direct and scattered light. VECTA KEY LIGHT can be installed to create geometric patterns.

VECTA KEY LIGHT system features an aluminum profile AL 18, an LED light source and a matt diffusor. CAP-1 for KEY LIGHT system has been developed by VECTA DESIGN to enable the creation of exciting ceiling designs. With CAP-1, the KEY LIGHT profile can end anywhere in the stretch ceiling. Standard profile length 2,5m, special order 5m long profile. Using the profile as a ceiling divisor: Ceilings have to be ordered simultaneously, as there can be tone difference of various film lots. If there will be a time gap between the orders production might use another roll for the order. Multiple ceilings in the same room must be ordered together.

Dimensions –53×32 mm, Length in stock 2 m , color anodized, Price in Euro | per 1 rm

NB!  Used with: profile connector – LC 07, corner connector – LC 01, diffusers Vec 1 or Vec 2, Cap 18 endings, LED stripes, led connectors CON 5, external fastening – Vecta Support System