Profile AL32 SMART AIR

The linear diffuser profile by Vecta Design lets you control airflow direction, ensuring a comfortable circulation of fresh air in the room. Through small ducts, air exits vertically, offering a gentle, soothing breeze.

Dimensions – 100*60 mm, Length in stock 2,5 m – 5 m, color black anodised RAL 9005 . Price in Euro | per 1 rm

NB! Used with: AL 32 DIFW or AL 32 DIFB air diffuser (included in price), AL 32 Air Chamber, corner connector LC 11, profile connector LC 08, CAP 32 ending, MINI harpoon, external fastening Vecta Support System

When ordering 500 meters or more, the price is 45 euros per 1 meter.


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DESCRIPTION OF THE PROCESS: The SmartAir diffuser is meticulously designed to channel fresh air into small channels, ensuring a controlled flow upon entry into the room. Stale air naturally rises and is expelled through the same profile, facilitating efficient air exchange and reducing the need for additional cooling. This system is suitable for various spaces, including high-humidity environments like swimming pools, with optional stainless steel air chambers available.

MOUNTING SCHEME: The SmartAir system comprises a black anodized AL32 base profile, a white or black diffuser (custom RAL colors available), and a galvanized steel air chamber. Additional insulation options enable use in hot climates while minimizing energy loss. Installation is straightforward with the VECTA Design support system, allowing easy mounting on base ceilings. Each meter of SmartAir profile, paired with a single air chamber, delivers up to 162 m3/h of fresh air, suitable for small offices or spacious living areas. Despite its impressive performance, the system operates quietly, akin to the sound of rustling leaves, ensuring a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere without noise disturbance.