Profile AL 24 A

Profile for ceiling traps, VECTA Easy Access System. Max size of trap-doors 200×200 sm.

Quick and easy installation and removal of trap-door
– Trap-door can be the same color or different color as the ceiling surrounding it
– Special elastic harpoon along the perimeter of the trap-door ceiling
– No special skills or equipment required for installation or removal of trap-door ceiling

The profile has the unique capability of enabling the installation of stretch materials fitted with MINI harpoon or the new Easy Access system. Standard profile length 2,5m, special order 5m long profile. Construction of custom ceiling traps using specials fixings. Easy corner fixing with LC01 corners.
Using the profile as a ceiling divisor: Ceilings have to be ordered simultaneously, as there can be tone difference of various film lots. If there will be a time gap between the orders production might use another roll for the order. Multiple ceilings in the same room must be ordered together.

Dimensions –47×44 mm, Length in stock 2,5 m – 5 m, color anodized, Price in Euro | per 1 rm

NB! Used with: corner connectors LC 01, Mini and EXPO harpoon, external fastening – Vecta Support System