Profile AL 07 A

Separator is used for installing stretch ceilings to the wall or ceiling. Used for dividing grand surfaces of the ceiling to
segments, and for passage to the second level, creation of the 3D shapes (arc, grotto, dome and wave). Recommended area
for installation with this profile is up to 50 m2.

Using the profile as a ceiling devider: Ceilings have to be ordered simultaneously, as there can be tone difference of various film lots. If
there will be a time gap between the orders production might use another roll for the order. Multiple ceilings in the same room must
be ordered together.

This profile is available only in an anodized variant. There are also versions such as CUT horizontal and CUT vertical, AL 07 A BEND UP/BEND DOWN – bended in the factory anodised separator profile for easy adaptation on site to rounded and vaulted shape. All versions of profile AL 07 A are available for viewing in the datasheet and price list.

Dimensions –50×20 mm, Length in stock 2,5 m, color anodized, Price in Euro | per 1 rm