Shape of Light Solution


Welcome to a world where minimalist design meets bright radiance. In this catalogue, we present a line of ready-made indoor luminaires, meticulously crafted to embody the timeless beauty of Scandinavian-inspired design, with their clean lines, organic forms, and refined elegance. Designed to illuminate large and spacious spaces, these luminaires are sure to meet the most demanding lighting challenges.

High-Intensity Lighting Technology

We understand the challenges that can be faced in lighting vast areas. That’s why every luminaire in this collection has been designed using the latest technology to produce high-intensity light that illuminates every corner of the room.

PURE LIGHTING by Vecta Design

Vecta Design offers a wide range of solutions for optimising workplace lighting to achieve the desired light intensity and LUX levels. We use reliable quality lighting elements that provide high-quality light, uniform illumination without shadows, high efficiency, and the desired light temperature. If required, our panels can provide a full colour spectrum with a high CRI.

In our catalogue, you will find a vast array of ready-made light panels, including their basic technical parameters and available customisation options. You can download the catalogue below.

Customized Crafted Housing

Our range of luminaries is crafted from white painted aluminum profile, expertly bent and cut with precision. Each luminaire is hand-finished and painted with great care and attention to detail. Each panel is available in two depths – 118 mm and 200 mm – for versatility and adaptation to different design challenges.

Flexible Light Diffuser

We utilize a soft thermoelastic material for light diffusion with excellent transmission and diffusion properties, ensuring a uniform soft effect. Its varying widths enable seamless large panel creation. Durable and tear-resistant (withstanding up to 100 kg/m² pressure), it’s also lightweight (0.18 to 0.2 mm thick), static-free, dust-resistant, and color-retentive. Additionally, we include a protective layer inside the panel to guard against dust and potential organic inclusions.

Acoustic Solutions

Excessive noise can cause stress, loss of productivity in the workplace, communication difficulties, and fatigue due to lack of sleep. Noise pollution is a serious health issue that deserves our attention. Soundproofing solutions are a simple, elegant, and effective way to improve the acoustic quality of any space. We offer panels with maximum, Class A, sound-absorbing qualities.

Fire Performance Standards

We test our products on a regular basis. They meet the fire and electrical safety and quality standards set by industry regulations and certifications. Our commitment to rigorous testing ensures that our products not only meet but exceed the highest safety standards, giving you peace of mind and confidence in their reliability.

Green Building Commitment

Our products meet high environmental and durability standards, ensuring both visual enhancement and occupant well-being. Explore our lamp catalog for fully equipped options, requiring only mounting. Leave your contact details, and our manager will reach out to provide further product details and a price list.