Vecta’s Exciting Day: Young Explorers Push Our Ceilings to the Limit!

Yesterday at Vecta was a thrilling day filled with fun experiments! We welcomed young explorers from the local school to learn more about our products and put them to the test.

Our young guests got hands-on with our ceiling installation process and experienced the strength of our materials firsthand. We were amazed to discover that our ceilings can support up to 276 kg! This impressive feat was achieved during an experimental setup with a stretch ceiling, turning it into an exciting attraction for our daring participants.

These events not only educate our young visitors about the technical aspects of our products but also inspire them to explore and create. They showcase our commitment to quality and reliability in every product we develop.

We thank all participants for making it a fun and educational day. Stay tuned for more exciting events at Vecta as we continue to inspire young explorers to discover the world of building materials!

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