New career options as a stretch ceiling installer

Have you decided that you need a change and you consider new career options?

We have something for you, in case learning new skills and beginning as a stretch ceiling installer would be the field of activity that makes your eyes shining. We have prepared a clear and thorough teaching video course that starts from the basics and will equip you with the most important knowledge about how to install a stretch ceiling.

You will learn everything about how to attach an aluminum profile, how to set light fixtures and other systems, heat the stretch ceiling fabric to increase the materials elasticity and how to install the fabric to the aluminium rail. 


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It will be much easier and clearer than this art tutorial 🙂 😉

stretch ceiling, how to install stretch ceiling


Perfect profile to make space an eye-catching masterpiece

Vecta Design AL 25 is a profile that offers a universal solution in creating straight and sharp edges to the cornice whether it is used with gypsum or with a stretch ceiling. As a cherry to the top, we added indirect lighting possibility to the profile.

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Prearrival lamps

A well-designed product is durable, reliable, and comfortable to use. Those magnetic flexible lamps are created to be enjoyed and will definitely add some extra comfort to your everyday life!

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Book an 1:1 appointment with us

You missed the BAU international online fair this year, but you would still like to hear and see, what`s new in our products and how we can create flexible and unique interior design solutions, then feel free to book an online meeting with us!

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