The president of Republic of Estonia visiting Vecta

Vecta Design had the honor to host the President of the Republic of Estonia and the 8 editors-in-chief of Estonian media outlets who accompanied her. 

During the visit, we were able to give our guests an overview of what and how we do and what awesome projects we have completed around the world. Our guests were surprised to hear and see how flexible the stretch material is and how many different interior design ideas can be realized with the help of this material and unique Vecta profiles.
We hope that we were able to inspire our guests and dream of a better and even more beautiful interior.


October 01.2020

Exciting interior design with a mirror effect

This flexible material is a universal solution, making it easy to create both timeless and uniquely modern interior architecture.

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August 18.2020

Profile AL 34

Modular lighting profile AL 34 - let`s create rounded shape interior light elements, that offer diffused, even and relaxing light with tailor made appearance, which would harmonize well with the rest of the interior design.

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August 06.2020

Ask good advice from an acoustic expert!

How much difference does it make - an acoustically calibrated room vs. uncalibrated room?

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