Ask good advice from an acoustic expert!

Acoustically calibrated room

How much difference does it make - an acoustically calibrated room vs. uncalibrated room? We can assure that the difference is dremendous. Do you want the room to have a positive impact on the sounds? Depending on the room size and the materials you have chosen to use, it can be calculated exactly how much sound absorption you need.

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We will solve the problem numero uno for You: WHAT & HOW MUCH & WHERE you need to install to achieve a comfortable level of sound absorption.

An experienced acoustics expert and an honorary member of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects, Linda Madalik, will gladly help our partners to find for their projects the most suitable acoustic solutions. Ask our sales manager the consultation possibility.

Let`s make your client`s rooms sound great and create a uniquely beautiful environment!

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Acoustic Comfort in Buildings

Echoes can be great fun in a desert canyon but are universally problematic in our everyday working and living environment therefore it is especially important to avoid hard and reflective surfaces in the interior. So what can be done to create better sounding r<a href='/'>...</a>

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The project "Patenting stretch ceiling profiles"

In order to increase the innovation and competitive advantage of Vecta Design products, a continuous product development process takes place, during which innovative product solutions for the installation of stretch ceilings and other alternative ceiling materi<a href='/'>...</a>

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Annual interior design award

We are pleased to announce that one of the objects, where Vecta Design backlit stretch ceilings have been installed, a visitor center Fat Margaret, has also been among 15 nominees chosen by the jury. The visitor center as a heritage conservation object was a re<a href='/'>...</a>

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